excellent Reliquary show in May

We are thrilled to announce we’re playing a great show in May! We’ll be opening for Faith and the Muse on their : ankoku butoh : tour!

Faith and the Muse
with special guests Reliquary and Bella Lune
plus DJ Scary Lady Sarah
Thursday, May 13
@ Mardi Gras in Scottsdale
8040 E McDowell Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85257 [map]
8pm : doors
9ish: first band on
$15 / 21+

We’ll have some lovely flyers soon; let us know if you can give us a hand distributing them.

Also, we’ve got a lovely video trailer. Pass it around!

Hope to see you there!

sooper-seekrit confectionery project revealed

A few months ago, my BFF Dot asked me to make her birthday cake.

She had a fairly specific idea of what she wanted, in what colors, and it looked like an awesome challenge, so I said yes.

Cue weeks of various shopping sprees for equipment & ingredients (I now own a cake leveler!), testing, more testing, taste tests, more testing, a near-nervous breakdown, much cheering and whining on Twitter, and a final triumphant reveal, for which I have blatantly jacked one of KT’s pics, since none of mine came out well:

those are really the colors.

Hit the cut for a fairly long-winded explanation of the process, and more pics.

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Happy anniversary to me and my belovedest! Fifteen years, bitches. Can you stand it?

We’ll find somewhere cool to have dinner tonight, then celebrate by … probably taking the dog for a walk & hoping it tires him out so he doesn’t bug us all damn night.

This is apparently the crystal or watches anniversary, but we’re taking each other to Bats Day instead, which should be just as good, and less likely to be affected by water or drops onto tile floors. Win!

Colin needs a good home

Before I throw an ad on Craigslist and end up turning the keys to my precious Colin over to some maniac who’ll use him to deliver pizzas, I thought I’d see if any of my friends want him.

1995 Honda Civic VX Hatchback in red

  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • AM/FM/CD/Cassette (and it works, too, the cassette player. drag out those old mixtapes & go to town!)
  • A/C works well
  • 36 miles to the gallon, around town, generally with the a/c on

Some minor drawbacks:

  • The windshield wiper activator stalk doesn’t want to stay in the off position. It’s currently held there with a folded-up piece of paper.
  • The side mirrors don’t want to stay in their positions, either. See above re: folded piece of paper. I’m sure someone even only slightly more motivated than I could come up with a better kludge, or actually fix it.
  • The hydraulic piston-things for the hatchback have come off, and the lock assembly is loose. See above re: fixing it. I just haven’t had the time.
  • The CD player doesn’t seem to want to play home-burned CDs. I’m blaming this on the fact that it’s 14 years old and probably pre-dates the CD-R.

I was offered $1,500 for him a few months ago, but I’m open to offers. Also, he’s filthy from the pollen-pooping tree outside our house and needs a good wash. You probably don’t want to see him before I take care of that.

plans and plans

So Germany’s off (my wrist sucked up our Forn Parts fund), but we still have plans:

  • This Thursday February 26: The Low Men at The Last Exit in Tempe. They’re on the stage at 9:00, and I shall be there! I missed their last show through wrist issues, thereby breaking my all-shows attendance record, which was sad.
  • May 1-3: Batsday! Who else is going? Aside from my sweetie & Dot & Tom, natch.
  • Sometime in July: My mom wants to do … something. She doesn’t know what. But probably with me. Not sure this counts as an actual plan.
  • Until further notice: loving on my sweetie, the pupster, the kitties, our house, and my new toy.

Wow. Car-joy has apparently pushed my brain into ridiculously-happy mode. I’m sure I’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled snark-fest in no time.

pinch me

MINI! [click to embiggen]

I must be dreaming.

I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper for forever, and have watched enviously as friends & family have gotten theirs. And now … now I’ve gotten mine. It still doesn’t seem real =)

He does need a name, though, my new cute little car. Too bad Colin’s not an option; it’s such a nice, English name. Maybe Trevor, or Nigel? Suggest a good English name for me!