hurled by dreams into a separate world

Dot tagged me on Facebook to list the places I want to travel to, and since this is relevant to my interests, I shall do so.

In no particular order:

  • Portland. We spent far, far too little time there, but I liked it a lot, and need to see more. That’s a city that likes its food. I approve of that.
  • Alaska. With Hawaii, one of the two states I’m missing in my what-US-states-have-you-visited map. I’m thinking a cruise there would be fun.
  • More of Canada. Mainly Vancouver & Prince Edward Island. I’ve seen quite a lot of Canada, but mainly the bits that are easily accessible from Michigan and Minnesota. Vancouver sounds quite cool, and I’ve read far too much LM Montgomery to skip PEI.
  • Britain. I’ve been to Cranfield, Exeter (just the airport and the railway station, though … does that count?) and a wee tiny slice of London, and I require more. Part of me still wants to retire to the Hebrides.
  • France, ditto. I’ve now spent a combined total of about 24 hours in France, and I require much more. It’s the land of my people, and also it’d be nice to put my nearly-degree in French to use.
  • Germany, ditto again. Except I’ve spent a bit more than a week there, but it was 95% work-related.
  • Eastern Europe. Lots of this. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Poland …
  • Seriously Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Because horse cultures are cool.
  • Istanbul. Ever since I read the Sarantine Mosaic, I really need to see the Hagia Sofia.
  • Italy. I need to see San Vitale in Ravenna for the same reason as I need to see Istanbul.
  • Egypt and Morocco. I’d like to see the Valley of the Kings, and the Atlas Mountains. How evocative are those names? They are enchanting.
  • Australia & New Zealand. We have labelmates there (Dandelion Wine & Brillig), but they seem like cool places all on their own.

Where would you go?


So we’re going to WGT next year, and I’m dying to know what bands are playing. They haven’t started making official announcements band yet, but our German label has posted about our labelmates who are playing:

These bands of our label group are confirmed for Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2009 (May 29th – June 1st):


I’m especially stoked about Brillig, and I’m hoping that the excellent Dandelion Wine folks will be on hand, too, although they’re not playing this year.

Argh, it’s too little information! I want more band names! I want schedules! I want to plan! And if they can arrange it so that there are no scheduling dilemmas, that’d be favorite.

hello, Springfield!

Well, never let it be said our tours are boring. Never a dull moment for us!

Kara, Jeremy & I arrived yesterday, going on 3 hours’ sleep, yay! We met up with my sweetie, who’d arrived the night before. We checked out the club, then went for food, where there was BBQ and pig-riding; I’ll post video soon.

So we went back to the hotel, whereupon I crashed hard & Loki went back to the club for the opening night of the festival where, as they say, Events Occurred. Let’s just say the show tonight will be strange & leave it at that for the moment, shall we?

We’re off to find lunch, then hit the club for our set. Wish us luck!

pop quiz

We’re still trying to figure out how to use our Delta credit, and Loki had an intriguing idea: go somewhere with pretty architecture and/or lots of history.

Since our credit (and my time-off availability) will probably preclude any description of jaunt back to Europe (you know, where the history comes from), we’re thinking somewhere possibly New-England-ish, like Boston or Philadelphia or something.

Where would you go to learn about or see American-history-related stuff, and why? Or where would you go for cool architecture? For reference, we found Seattle to be almost unbearably neato in terms of architecture.

choices, too many, not enough

I’ve been thinking about the flight vouchers we got from Delta, thinking about travel and where to go and what to do. On the one hand, we could go almost anywhere. On the other, I don’t get paid vacation, so I couldn’t take a ton of time off to go there, wherever there is.

Because we’d have semi-limited time, it makes sense to think of a reason to go somewhere. Loki would like to go clubbing or a theme park or something. I like those things, too, but clubs bore me lately and theme parks are ridiculously expensive, even if loads of fun. Showing Loki my Chicago would be fun, but too much for a long weekend. A foodie trip would be neat, but oh gods, the choices. And I definitely don’t want to go anywhere hot. Maybe we should put this trip off until fall …

I don’t like summer beaches, crowds of tourists, screaming kids, or bugs. I’ve seen every continental state we’ve got, and much of Canada and Mexico, although most of my North American travelling was done when I was much younger. Things have probably changed. More Starbucks, most likely.

I want something interesting and easy to pack into a (long?) weekend. I don’t want to come home feeling like I need a vacation after my vacation.

Where would you go, and why?