testing some stuff

So I totally chickened out last night — after the three-hour dance of pain that was the splinters back-end de-cruftification and archives recovery, I couldn’t face doing the Reliquary site as well. It suffers from the same “what the hell was I thinking?” back-end wonkiness, which can only be fixed with the aforementioned orbital nuke.

Happily, I now know what I need to do to stop the ugliness, the Reliquary upgrade shouldn’t take nearly as long.

The reason for all this pain is a rather annoying vulnerability in WordPress versions prior to 2.5. On the plus side, the nuking will allow me to automagically update all my previously-wonky WordPress installs. YAY.

In other news, it’s occurred to me that random visitors to the site must think no one ever comments here. It’s nearly true; thanks to a nifty LiveJournal crossposting plugin, most comments happen over there. I swear to you I’m not just talking to myself here =)


I think I’ve sorted everything … all the entries are here, most of the images made it back, and now there’s just one final test … the LJ-crosspost.

ready … fight!


So last night, because we can’t leave well enough alone, apparently, we put in an offer on yet another house.

This one’s in Gilbert, which is, as far as I can tell, the only drawback, and that’s mainly from a fuel-bill point of view. It has a killer kitchen (above, right), a near-perfect downstairs studio, and a bunch of other really nice features.

Still, we want the Mesa house more, but as they’re both short (hah!) sales, and we’ve got 3 weeks to go before we hear on the Mesa house, we thought, what the hell.

Either way, we will win a fabulous studio, and a really nice kitchen — both have granite countertops, which makes me happy. Mmmm, granite.

In other news, both splinters and the Reliquary site will be briefly unavailable tonight, as I nuke both of them from orbit and start again (it’s the only way to be sure).

every. goddamned. time.

Ever since I made the colossal mistake of moving Splinters’ WordPress directory, I’ve had to manually upgrade for each new release. And every single time, I read the upgrade instructions and actually follow them, which means backing up the database and all the files in that directory, and every goddamned time I remember, far too late, that I installed Gallery in a subdirectory rather than a subdomain and when I ftp in and start downloading, it’s going to take so goddamned long that I’ll eventually walk away and when I finally wander back, seventeen hours later, I’ll have forgotten what I was going to do next — like, the actual WordPress upgrade — and I’ll go through all this crap again in a month when I realize I’m three versions behind and never did complete the last upgrade I tried to do.

And this is because Gallery is all, “Hi, I’m Gallery, and I’m going to install, no shit, 7,713 files in 5,406 directories* so that if someone wants to read your stupid captions in French or Swahili or Lower Slobovian they can do so, even though no one ever does that and even though it means it’ll take seventeen hours to back up your shit so you can do that WordPress upgrade, and really, why didn’t you just break down and use your fucking Flickr account or that stupid Photoshop web-gallery plugin?”

And I kill an entire Sunday morning when I could have been picking my nose or something useful like that.

* I am not making this up.