bitchy whiny post

I am fully sick of this wrist and it’s been a whole 36 hours, gah.

I’m sick of explaining about it. I’m going to make up cards to hand out, except none will have the real story: “I started flailing when the hot wax hit my nipples, and whacked my wrist on the St Andrews cross” or “I broke it myself during the black mass as an offering to satan”. Or maybe “Overenthusiastic masturbation”. I’m pretty annoyed and inclined to want to make people feel uncomfortable.

I’m sick if vicodin. It’s almost not worth it — I get about 10 minutes’ actual pain relief, preceded by 3-4 hours of dizziness and nausea.

I’m sick of being unable to open jars, wash my one good hand hand easily, apply deodorant, sleep more than 4 hours at a go, put on a damn shirt, cut up food or carry more than one thing at a time — if I so much as bump the fingers, shooting pain ensues.

On the plus side, I’ve got my sweetie, who’s not only helping me in every possible way, he’s also dealing with The Puppy, who’s turning out to be a handful and a half.

Ah, well, it could be worse, right? I could’ve broken both of them.

never a dull moment

i’m typing this one-handed, because yesterday, i fell and broke my wrist. yay rollerskating!

it’s still ridiculously painful, and there are an unbelievable number of things that are impossible to do one-handed — like put my hair in its ponytail, for example, or fasten my bra. SO MUCH FUN.

also, i’ll have to rent a car, since i can’t shift and steer, argh. it also means i can’t have pain pills within 6 hours or so of driving — they fuck me right up.

so this should be a fun month or so; all i hope is it won’t need surgery on top of everything else.

i’m going back to the couch. bleh.

was blind, but now I see

Joyous discovery last night while cleaning off the kitchen table: my old contacts, YAY! Today, I can see my monitors, my corneas are slowly stopping hurting, and as an added bonus, it turns out my vision insurance card wasn’t in my wallet after all, so I can find another doctor and get some proper lenses. Insert Dance of Happiness here.

In other news, I’ve officially blown NaBloPoMo. I spent Saturday & Sunday painting and cleaning and prepping for Thanksgiving, and yesterday evening cleaning some more, and have been so cranky from the contacts & the concomitant headache that I couldn’t face a moment at the computer. Also, I was wrecked. I always forget how much work painting is; I just can’t resist it!

(Needless to say, my attempt to take pictures and play my bass every day have also fallen by the wayside. Boo.)

And my mom’s coming in tonight, a day early for her Thanksgiving weekend chez Loki et Suriel. Very, very cool. Posts will probably be thin on the ground, still, but I’m occasionally Twittering.

screw Sears Optical

Seriously, screw them right in the ear. I am so pissed off at that horrible doctor I could spit nails.

I’ve been trying to get contacts from them for two fucking months, and they’ve screwed up THREE PAIRS so far. They think I’ll be coming back for a fourth, but as soon as I get my replacement insurance card, I’m going somewhere else.

This latest pair? Actually hurts. Except not right away. So I’m sitting here at work, I can barely see my computer screen, I did not bring my glasses, and my right eye hurts. In the hundred years I’ve been wearing contacts, I have never had a pair cause my eyes actual pain.

I’ve submitted a scathing review to Angie’s List, and I’ll be sending complaints to everyone else I think of. SO ANGRY.

broken, a continuing series

My vertebrae have ganged up on me again.

I stayed home from work today, mainly because my back has seized up in strange and painful ways, but also because said seizing prevented me from sleeping more than about an hour at a time last night, which sucked.

So I’ve got a big bag of frozen peas strapped to my back, and I found last year’s stash of goofballs, which expired six weeks ago but which I took anyway, because the regular ibuprofen wasn’t helping, dammit. If these don’t help either, I’ll probably dump them down the drain, so everyone can enjoy them.

Why isn’t it the future yet? I want my fucking titanium spine already.

weekend recap

Wow, my weekend was action-packed.

Saturday we went and looked at houses. Mostly disappointing, but I’m staying positive.

Then I installed a new dishwasher. The one that came with the house was increasingly failing to produce clean dishes, its one purpose in life. So Loki, endlessly indulgent of my kitchen-related whims, let me buy a shiny new black Maytag which was delivered Saturday and which I installed with much swearing and grunting (I couldn’t get it to be level or fail to fall forward when the door is open all the way) … and …

… it is not producing super-clean dishes either. So now we’re operating under the assumption that either our awful, hard-as-nails water is to blame, or possibly there’s an obstruction in the garbage disposal that’s causing a backwash of yucky water.

We didn’t have a chance to futz with it, though, because we had to go to a dinner-thing for Loki’s work at Dave & Buster’s. For the record? I never need to go there again. No, thank you. It was nut-to-butt with annoying people and the games mostly sucked.

We spent our time playing the games that give you tickets, which we turned in for a non-functional remote-controlled beetle and a teddy bear we got for Dot because it’s her color.

Sunday I spent making food for Thursday: an all-purpose freezable gravy that I’ll tart up with turkey drippings on the day, and some also-freezable dinner rolls.

The rolls were amazing fun to make. I don’t make bread enough, I’ve decided. Have to remedy that.

Unfortunately, the whole weekend conspired to kill me. By Sunday evening I was in so much pain all I could do was lie on the couch and whimper. Nothing helped: not heat, vicodin or rubbing, which is criminal. I’ve got a call in to my doctor to see if there’s anything we can do, because I can’t take this any more.

This week: more Thanksgiving prep, cleaning, the arrival of the mom and the Big Meal itself. Should be fun =)

keeping up

I’m feeling seriously cruddy, but determined not to miss any days for NaBloPoMo.

You’ll be thrilled (or disappointed) to hear that none of the anticipated side effects happened last night. Sadly, I still did not sleep well. A little googling today revealed that eating a high-fat meal before taking Rozerem can affect its efficacy; it wasn’t not clear how long before taking it is bad, but I’m guessing that my six-cheese pizza was not a good idea regardless. Also, I ate later than I normally do, which likely didn’t help.

All riveting stuff, I know.

In other news, I’m getting antsy about our mortgage. I brought my score up by nearly 30 points (rather than the eight points mortgage-guy suggested), ’cause I rock, but it’s apparently taking a while to pull my new, prettier report and sort out how much we can borrow. Either that or the mortgage industry has finally completely tanked and we’re screwed.

And I’m feeling like I can’t string two words together coherently, so I’m off. Come back tomorrow and see if The Crud went away.