the happinesses

One of the things I hate about not getting enough sitting-in-front-of-my-computer time is that I miss saying something about the anniversaries, the little cool things, the silly things.

Last Friday? Totally the anniversary of the Great Swamp Rescue, in which Loki, y’know, rescued me from The Swamp and brought me to The Desert after an epic 26-hour drive in my overloaded CRX. Ahh, memories!

This past Monday? Totally splinters’ 10-year anniversary. Ten years I’ve been droning on here. I kinda don’t know what to say about that. It’s a long time. In the blogging world that’s the equivalent of something like the Big Bang through the Cretaceous Period.

Ten days ago? I got my lovely new range, with its smooth top and its dual ovens and its bells and whistles. Thanksgiving is going to be awesome, I tell you. Oh, and we picked up some more plates, so that if we really do get 17 people at Thanksgiving, none of them have to eat off paper plates.

And in a now-rare near-realtime blogging effort, today I found out that Reliquary’s on 2 other compilations, which is pretty damn cool. (No, we still don’t know when Path of Hours is coming out, but it’s turned into such a saga that it’s ok. If it had come out on schedule, there’d be no story, and it’s important that there’s a good story to tell =))

These are the things that keep me smiling.

I bet I could pull this off

big-ass-dressOK, so not in pink, and I’m for sure not wearing platforms, and probably not lace-up leggings as well, and I have no idea what’s growing out of her scalp (what the hell is that thing? Is it supposed to be a spiky tiara or something?) but I bet we could totally Reliquary-ify this look for our shows.

As a bonus, there are about 48,496,764 places to hide a ear-monitor receiver in that thing, and it would make my waist look tiny.

Not sure what Loki would wear to coordinate, but he’d totally have something to hide behind for photo shoots. It’s a win-win!

awful weekend

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

  • Hanging out with Dot, Jared, Jill, D.M-F.P. et famille, and assorted be-costumed friends at the Faerie Festival.
  • Finding my favorite sunglasses in the truck Sunday morning, after having thought them lost and gone forever.
  • Getting paid to play the Faerie Festival. We seem to get paid for about one in three shows, so this was a nice novelty. Sadly, while that was a good thing for several hours, it ended badly.

Sadly, the good things were far outweighed by the bad.

  • The sound at our show. Holy crap, y’all. No bass for two songs, no guitars for quite a bit of the set, no drums whatsoever for the entire set. Either the audience thought that we were really lame, or that we’ve got excellent rhythm. (On the plus side, the songs in which there was no bass were the songs I screwed up badly, so everything’s relative.)
  • Losing my wallet at the club after. And it’s not just that I have to cancel all my cards, or that I have to hunt down all our auto-debited bills, order a new driver’s license, and try to remember what else was in there, but that it was the one time I had more than $6 in my wallet. So much for my part of the aforementioned performance fee.
  • The excruciating headache I’ve had since Sunday midafternoon. Nothing’s helping.

Oh, and I missed posting on Saturday, and there was brouhaha at the club. JOY.

However! I’m hoping that, having vented, things will start looking up soon.

I rocked so hard, one of my dreads fell out

… and they’re braided to my scalp, y’all. I got home and it was hanging forlornly from its rubber band at the end of a chunk of hair.

Seriously, last night’s show was a blast, despite — and because of — everything. And oh, was there everything.

First, the lineup got changed on us all last-minutey. We don’t mind going on first — we’re happy to play any slot we’re given, and in our minds, no particular shame or glory attaches to any timeslot — but it was a bit strange for Esper Machine, going on 2nd, when they’re the touring band.

(Although I do hear that L.A. clubs are doing that more often: the “headliner” goes on in the penultimate slot, and the lesser-known band closes the night. Presumably this allows the headliner to hang out later and schmooze, or to go over their alloted set time without bumping up against closing time, so I can see the appeal.)

There were some ruffled feathers over the lineup change, but I think everyone ended up happy. Also, everyone got a soundcheck! The sound guy, a fellow who normally does sound for the Marquis, got us dialed in so fast we barely needed to run through a song. It was gratifying and astounding. Clearly the Mardi Gras folks are still feeling the effects of the July 4 show, poor them.

Of course, we’re using our ear monitors, so that’s half the soundguy’s job simplified, but once again, technology proved fallible: my right earpiece went out halfway through the second song & made me blow the opening on the third song, whose count-in is on the earpieces only, argh. Got that swapped for the other earpiece in time for a song whose drums in the bridge are only in our earpieces, which would have been disastrous if I’d not had the backup. Yay for preparedness!

The main disappointment of the night was the turnout, and I feel dreadfully about that. I spent a good part of the night beating myself up for not doing more promotion. There were probably no more than 30 or so people there the entire evening, which super-sucked for Esper Machine, on a tour of less-than-stellar shows. (Among other things, they lost their merch in Omaha, and are hoping desperately that it’s on the Crüxshadows’ van.)

They still put on a fantastic show, though, the Esper Machine boys. I hope to have video for you in the fullness of time. And the people who had showed up seemed quite appreciative, so that’s good. I think all in all they were pleased.

We were all pretty tired, but we stayed through Politik89’s energetic set, then broke down, loaded out & drove home. I wish I could’ve stayed up babbling with James & 13 and making friends with their cat, but I had to be at work for a 9am meeting. It’s no life, rocking at night and conference calling in the morning.

Anyway. Our set at the Faerie Festival will be slightly prettier, slightly less with the rocking, and you should totally come out and hear songs about fate and nightmares and mummy-love. It’s going to be fabulous.

MyBaPlaMo update: played my bass for about 50 minutes last night, heh. Aside from losing my mind on the first verse of Love Songs (note to self: it’s a G, not an F, there), and nearly falling over during Shadows Cast (from the rocking), I played reasonably well. So that’s good.

Reliquary show tonight!

Just a reminder about tonight’s show! A few more details have been confirmed (cost is $6, and we’re on first, at 9pm) :

Wednesday 12 November
@ Mardi Gras
8040 E McDowell Rd., Scottsdale 85257 (map)
featuring Esper Machine, Reliquary and Politik 89
21+ / doors at 8pm / $6
9:00 : Reliquary
10:30 : EsperMachine
12:00 Politik 89

You’re coming, right?

MyBaPlaMo: Played my bass for about half an hour last night, running through a dozen or so songs with my sweetie. Feeling a bit better about things now, thanks =)

upcoming Reliquary shows

In case you’ve been jonesing for some hot, hot Reliquary action.

Wednesday 12 November
@ Mardi Gras
8040 E McDowell Rd., Scottsdale 85257 (map)
featuring Esper Machine, Reliquary and special guests
21+ / doors at 8pm / $6

Saturday 15 November
Phoenix Faerie Festival
@ Estrella Mountain Regional Park
14805 West Vineyard Avenue, Goodyear, AZ 85338 (map)
Festival Gates Open at 10AM, Unseelie Masquerade Ball begins at Sunset
Ticket Sales Close at 6pm / No Admittance after 7pm
Our set: 8pm on the main stage

Hope to see you there!


Nothing — nothing — makes me feel less well-spoken than seeing in my email, “Zillo wants to interview us for their December issue.”

It’s not even our first interview in the magazine, but I still can’t ever think of anything remotely interesting to say.

And they ask tough questions! “The cover artwork for the album once more spreads an autumn/winter feel, plus some kind of thoughtful/melancholic atmosphere. How does it relate to the lyrical content of the album?” Oh, gods, it’s like a nightmare of essay questions. Who would I get to direct a Path of Hours movie? How is this album different from Winter World?

Well, our way forward is clear: Album No. 3 must be our concept album, and then I can go “It’s a story, painted in broad strokes, about man’s inhumanity to man and the indivisibility of the nature of the gods as they relate to quantum physics, expressed here by songs about bunnies.”

Or something.