the dire state of our educational system

I’ve spent the last half-hour scouring elementary school websites looking for information. I suffered through dozens and dozens of hideous FrontPage monstrosities, far too much use of Comic Sans and one particularly egregious swirly-cutesie font, and what did I find?

Two — TWO — grade-school holiday musicals.

What the fuck, people?

What are we teaching our children, if it’s not to spend November in rehearsals, preparing to dress up like a godsdamned reindeer and sing some awful Christmas song? And deprive me and my friends of the hysterical potential of a small child in a manger?

I ask you!

I mean, I pay my taxes. Or I will, at some point. Y’know, when we buy a house. But that’s not the point! If my taxes aren’t going to some Christian or Jewish or Muslim or even nondenominational 3rd-grade holiday musical, well … they should be. So I can go watch. And laugh my ass off.

Bring on the spirit of the damn holidays. With six-year-olds singing off-key.

because someone’s going to ask

With the holidays approaching, someone is bound to ask if I want anything, so here’s your list, in order:

  • Something you made. I like handmade gifts. A lot. This is first on the list for a reason =)
  • A Home Depot or Ikea gift card. If we ever find a new house, it will likely need Stuff.
  • If you feel you absolutely must wrap something, I’ve got a wishlist.
  • Edited to add: Mick Mercer‘s just put up a ton of awesome gothy pics on ebay. I think you want some of these, too.

Things you should not buy me:

  • More mustard. Really, I’ve got plenty =)
  • More kitchen stuff, especially utensils or wooden spoons. My holders for these things overfloweth already.
  • Anything yellow, lime green or orange.

That should be enough to be going on with, I think. What do you want?

two days to go

I’ve held up over NaBloPoMo pretty well, although I have to say, it’s a lot like NaNoWriMo in that quantity trumps quality every time.

I nearly blew it today, though; my mind was going in a hundred different directions and I couldn’t seem to settle to one thing. And somehow it’s Wednesday. I thought it was Tuesday all day; dunno why.

Right now a comfy couch is calling my name. Come back tomorrow & see if I regained some balance.

Reliquary on the radio

This Sunday we’re going to be on KUPD, playing a couple songs live around 7pm.

You will be listening, right?

(And if any of you have such a thing as a tape recorder affixed to your radio, or means of recording streaming radio, you’ll totally record this for us, right? We’ll be your BFF, promise!)

pop quiz

We’re still trying to figure out how to use our Delta credit, and Loki had an intriguing idea: go somewhere with pretty architecture and/or lots of history.

Since our credit (and my time-off availability) will probably preclude any description of jaunt back to Europe (you know, where the history comes from), we’re thinking somewhere possibly New-England-ish, like Boston or Philadelphia or something.

Where would you go to learn about or see American-history-related stuff, and why? Or where would you go for cool architecture? For reference, we found Seattle to be almost unbearably neato in terms of architecture.

order has been restored

I’ve finally got all my cupboards sorted out, yay! Everything got so messed up over the holidays: tupperware, pots, glass bowls, everything was all wonky, but order has been restored, finally.

Also on the plus side: talked to my dad and my brother today, for several hours, which was lovely — even though I ended up spending an hour helping my dad with his computer. Bonus? This might be my Christmas present:

1972 Triumph GT6

On the minus side, we’d have to find a house with parking for 3 cars. I suppose there are worse things …