Maybe it’s sleep deprivation, but I’ve been staring at photos from Reliquary’s last photo shoot, and nothing’s grabbing me. Nothing wants to be part of the new website. Nothing’s going “Ooh, I totally want to be a masthead!”

Plenty of photos are going “Ooh, get on that fucking elliptical, you look awful”. Not terribly helpful. (I did get on the fucking elliptical, though.)

I also know that my mom and cousins will be back from getting pizza (I sent them to Floridino’s, ’cause it’s awesome; I just wasn’t in the mood to be monosyllabled-at by a bored 13-year-old for another minute) and therefore I have limited time to stare at Photoshop.

Y’know what? Screw inspiration. I’m thinking laudanum.


An old Korean man just rang our bell, bowed to me, thanked me for being so understanding about the parking situation at the Tempe Korean Presbyterian church up the road, bowed again and handed me a $40 Target gift card.

I … um.


winding down

My mom made it into town, yay!

We’ve done the last of the pre-prep for tomorrow, had some fantastic Chinese food, and now I’m gong to go curl up on the couch, watch some This Old House and just veg. Tomorrow should be fun =)

bon mots

A sad side effect of my incipient Alzheimer’s is an increasing inability to think of the right word. Normally this just frustrates the everloving hell out of me, but sometimes, it leads to hilarity.

The scene: we’re at the grocery store, and turn the corner into the toothpaste aisle.

Me: I need some more of those … *vague gesture meant to indicate I’m trying to think of the word*
Loki: Those things for your flossing-stick.
Me: My gods, you’re brilliant. How did you get that out of *vague gesture*?
Loki: It’s a gift! But just so you know, from now on, when I do this … *other gesture* … it means “shovelling”.
Me: … why is “shovelling” represented by the lesbian fisting gesture from Chasing Amy?

weekend recap

Wow, my weekend was action-packed.

Saturday we went and looked at houses. Mostly disappointing, but I’m staying positive.

Then I installed a new dishwasher. The one that came with the house was increasingly failing to produce clean dishes, its one purpose in life. So Loki, endlessly indulgent of my kitchen-related whims, let me buy a shiny new black Maytag which was delivered Saturday and which I installed with much swearing and grunting (I couldn’t get it to be level or fail to fall forward when the door is open all the way) … and …

… it is not producing super-clean dishes either. So now we’re operating under the assumption that either our awful, hard-as-nails water is to blame, or possibly there’s an obstruction in the garbage disposal that’s causing a backwash of yucky water.

We didn’t have a chance to futz with it, though, because we had to go to a dinner-thing for Loki’s work at Dave & Buster’s. For the record? I never need to go there again. No, thank you. It was nut-to-butt with annoying people and the games mostly sucked.

We spent our time playing the games that give you tickets, which we turned in for a non-functional remote-controlled beetle and a teddy bear we got for Dot because it’s her color.

Sunday I spent making food for Thursday: an all-purpose freezable gravy that I’ll tart up with turkey drippings on the day, and some also-freezable dinner rolls.

The rolls were amazing fun to make. I don’t make bread enough, I’ve decided. Have to remedy that.

Unfortunately, the whole weekend conspired to kill me. By Sunday evening I was in so much pain all I could do was lie on the couch and whimper. Nothing helped: not heat, vicodin or rubbing, which is criminal. I’ve got a call in to my doctor to see if there’s anything we can do, because I can’t take this any more.

This week: more Thanksgiving prep, cleaning, the arrival of the mom and the Big Meal itself. Should be fun =)