well, this sucks

I lost my wallet at Velocity last night.

I’ve searched everywhere, and it’s not in the house or the truck, and no one at the club has seen it. We might pop down later to search the DJ booth, but right now it’s looking like it’s long gone.


nine hundred and fifty dollars

I love our cats. I love them deeply and have been guilty of spending ridiculous amounts of money on them (two Cat Genies, gods help us all) but I can’t in all conscience spend nearly a grand on what is essentially a leather covered tube with half a fucking pillow in it:


Get yours here, but don’t tell me unless you’re prepared to be laughed at.

(I do think it’s a killer idea, though, and if I can replicate it on the cheap I totally will.)

I rocked so hard, one of my dreads fell out

… and they’re braided to my scalp, y’all. I got home and it was hanging forlornly from its rubber band at the end of a chunk of hair.

Seriously, last night’s show was a blast, despite — and because of — everything. And oh, was there everything.

First, the lineup got changed on us all last-minutey. We don’t mind going on first — we’re happy to play any slot we’re given, and in our minds, no particular shame or glory attaches to any timeslot — but it was a bit strange for Esper Machine, going on 2nd, when they’re the touring band.

(Although I do hear that L.A. clubs are doing that more often: the “headliner” goes on in the penultimate slot, and the lesser-known band closes the night. Presumably this allows the headliner to hang out later and schmooze, or to go over their alloted set time without bumping up against closing time, so I can see the appeal.)

There were some ruffled feathers over the lineup change, but I think everyone ended up happy. Also, everyone got a soundcheck! The sound guy, a fellow who normally does sound for the Marquis, got us dialed in so fast we barely needed to run through a song. It was gratifying and astounding. Clearly the Mardi Gras folks are still feeling the effects of the July 4 show, poor them.

Of course, we’re using our ear monitors, so that’s half the soundguy’s job simplified, but once again, technology proved fallible: my right earpiece went out halfway through the second song & made me blow the opening on the third song, whose count-in is on the earpieces only, argh. Got that swapped for the other earpiece in time for a song whose drums in the bridge are only in our earpieces, which would have been disastrous if I’d not had the backup. Yay for preparedness!

The main disappointment of the night was the turnout, and I feel dreadfully about that. I spent a good part of the night beating myself up for not doing more promotion. There were probably no more than 30 or so people there the entire evening, which super-sucked for Esper Machine, on a tour of less-than-stellar shows. (Among other things, they lost their merch in Omaha, and are hoping desperately that it’s on the Crüxshadows’ van.)

They still put on a fantastic show, though, the Esper Machine boys. I hope to have video for you in the fullness of time. And the people who had showed up seemed quite appreciative, so that’s good. I think all in all they were pleased.

We were all pretty tired, but we stayed through Politik89’s energetic set, then broke down, loaded out & drove home. I wish I could’ve stayed up babbling with James & 13 and making friends with their cat, but I had to be at work for a 9am meeting. It’s no life, rocking at night and conference calling in the morning.

Anyway. Our set at the Faerie Festival will be slightly prettier, slightly less with the rocking, and you should totally come out and hear songs about fate and nightmares and mummy-love. It’s going to be fabulous.

MyBaPlaMo update: played my bass for about 50 minutes last night, heh. Aside from losing my mind on the first verse of Love Songs (note to self: it’s a G, not an F, there), and nearly falling over during Shadows Cast (from the rocking), I played reasonably well. So that’s good.

Reliquary show tonight!

Just a reminder about tonight’s show! A few more details have been confirmed (cost is $6, and we’re on first, at 9pm) :

Wednesday 12 November
@ Mardi Gras
8040 E McDowell Rd., Scottsdale 85257 (map)
featuring Esper Machine, Reliquary and Politik 89
21+ / doors at 8pm / $6
9:00 : Reliquary
10:30 : EsperMachine
12:00 Politik 89

You’re coming, right?

MyBaPlaMo: Played my bass for about half an hour last night, running through a dozen or so songs with my sweetie. Feeling a bit better about things now, thanks =)


So I totally started my standard “HOLY CRAP RELIQUARY SHOWS AARGH SHOW NERVES” post, and then thought, y’know what? Fuck that.

I realized I was feeling nervous because I feel a little unprepared — we’re playing some songs that have not seen much play, especially at the Faerie Festival, and it was giving me the wig: “Ugh, I can’t remember the bridge for Killing Moon … or the outro for (I am) Blind … or the entirety of Legacy … pretty sure I’m going to bork O Vos Omnes …” etc.

And I realized I felt like this because, what with the stress and the moving and the (heh) touring and the sorting out of the new house and the stuff, I pretty much haven’t touched my bass since Missouri. And this is Not Good.

So I am resolved: I know I’ve missed 11 days of the month, but in addition to posting daily and taking a picture daily, I’m going to pick up my damn bass daily. And I’ll be sure to say something here, even if it’s just a footnote.

And maybe that’ll translate to picking it up every day in December, and then January, and then February, and then maybe I’ll stop worrying about sucking so badly, and maybe I won’t have to do these stupid OMG SHOW NERVES post every damn time we play a show.

Which would be nice.

the hordes may descend now

We’re getting our first houseguests on Wednesday, yay!

On Friday, I realized that we only had 4 pillows for the guest room. And not enough blankets. And a shortage of pillowcases. And we hadn’t found all the towels. And I could only pinpoint the location of one washcloth, and it was in our shower. Thus began Operation Buy Fucktons of Linens.

Four pillows, eight pillow covers, two pillow shams, six towels, four washcloths, two comforters, an orgy of cleaning and about ten loads of laundry later, I can declare our guest room ready for guests, our hall bathroom ready for showers and the hide-a-bed couch in the library ready for people to complain about the next morning. See also: obsessive. Also: Compulsive.*

I’ve taken the usual precaution of covering the freshly-made bed (and now, all those pillows) with a bedskirt (does anyone use those? Seriously? Freaks.) to protect it from the tons of cat-hair they’d normally accumulate after ten seconds in our house, but since the Esper Machine guys are touring with their cat I don’t expect that’s going to be a problem.

pillows! [click to embiggen]

* Possibly reassuring to you: no spreadsheets were involved at any point.

Edited to add: told you.

I wasn't kidding about the potential for cat-hair


So we’re going to WGT next year, and I’m dying to know what bands are playing. They haven’t started making official announcements band yet, but our German label has posted about our labelmates who are playing:

These bands of our label group are confirmed for Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2009 (May 29th – June 1st):


I’m especially stoked about Brillig, and I’m hoping that the excellent Dandelion Wine folks will be on hand, too, although they’re not playing this year.

Argh, it’s too little information! I want more band names! I want schedules! I want to plan! And if they can arrange it so that there are no scheduling dilemmas, that’d be favorite.