little miss

Say hello:


I’m wrecked from an evening of cat- and dog-wrangling, so you’ll get the full skinny tomorrow.

In the meantime, she needs a name. Suggestions?

a wash

I feel like I’ve spent all day cleaning, for zero benefit. OK, the kitchen floor is slightly less dusty — for now — and the pantry is slightly more organized, and the kitchen counters are less full of stuff, plus I experimented with a recipe for beets for Thanksgiving, but I still feel like I accomplished nothing. Also, the beets didn’t come out as well as I had hoped and they’re now off the menu.

More worryingly, I didn’t cross anything off my to-do list, so that’s just more to do next week.

On the plus side, I have been reliably informed that Fresh & Squeezy has turkeys on sale for $0.37/lb, which is awesome, and one thing I can cross off my Thanksgiving shopping list. So yay.

And I expect next week to be eventful and interesting, and I should have some good pics to post. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

it’s genetic

If you’ve ever wondered where Loki got The Cute from, wonder no more. Check out this adorable pic of his parents, from the forties or fifties:

she's sticking her tongue out, y'all

The original was about one inch by two, and it wasn’t until I scanned it at high resolution that I realized … his mom’s sticking her tongue out.

If you’re not now dead from cute, you’re probably just dead.

slow motion

I feel like I can’t get going today.

OK, I slept like crap, had strange nightmares and then a bit of stupidity at work first thing, but it feels like I can’t get into gear. Even my normal walking pace feels slow.

On the plus side, there’s nothing too onerous going on this weekend, so if I need some puttering-and-decompression time, I’ll probably get it. Woo? You betcha.

Tonight, The Low Men play show at the Yucca Taproom, which should be fun, and you should totally come, not least because Calin-the-new-guitar-guy is really freaking good and you probably haven’t heard him yet. Tomorrow my plan is to finally put pictures into all the frames I got for my birthday[1], and get them up on the living room walls. Sunday I start cleaning for Thanksgiving.

I’m off to see if more caffeine helps. Come back tomorrow & see if I just gave up & slipped into a coma.

[1] you can’t rush these things.

hurled by dreams into a separate world

Dot tagged me on Facebook to list the places I want to travel to, and since this is relevant to my interests, I shall do so.

In no particular order:

  • Portland. We spent far, far too little time there, but I liked it a lot, and need to see more. That’s a city that likes its food. I approve of that.
  • Alaska. With Hawaii, one of the two states I’m missing in my what-US-states-have-you-visited map. I’m thinking a cruise there would be fun.
  • More of Canada. Mainly Vancouver & Prince Edward Island. I’ve seen quite a lot of Canada, but mainly the bits that are easily accessible from Michigan and Minnesota. Vancouver sounds quite cool, and I’ve read far too much LM Montgomery to skip PEI.
  • Britain. I’ve been to Cranfield, Exeter (just the airport and the railway station, though … does that count?) and a wee tiny slice of London, and I require more. Part of me still wants to retire to the Hebrides.
  • France, ditto. I’ve now spent a combined total of about 24 hours in France, and I require much more. It’s the land of my people, and also it’d be nice to put my nearly-degree in French to use.
  • Germany, ditto again. Except I’ve spent a bit more than a week there, but it was 95% work-related.
  • Eastern Europe. Lots of this. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Poland …
  • Seriously Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Because horse cultures are cool.
  • Istanbul. Ever since I read the Sarantine Mosaic, I really need to see the Hagia Sofia.
  • Italy. I need to see San Vitale in Ravenna for the same reason as I need to see Istanbul.
  • Egypt and Morocco. I’d like to see the Valley of the Kings, and the Atlas Mountains. How evocative are those names? They are enchanting.
  • Australia & New Zealand. We have labelmates there (Dandelion Wine & Brillig), but they seem like cool places all on their own.

Where would you go?


Ugh. A night of sleep deprivation, and a day full of busy, has left me with a brain that doesn’t want to work.

Happily, most of today’s busy was good: we got a new couch for the living room that’s comfy as hell, and I took Fenris for a nice birthday walk.

Tomorrow: actual content. Probably.