ARGH, I’m back at work dealing with an emergency that, had the email come in half an hour earlier, would still have let me get home at a reasonable hour.

Instead, I dragged my sweetie with me, jetted back to the office, and now I’m waiting to get another email before we can go have Indian food. Low blood sugar may be to blame for my extreme grumpiness at this moment, but grumpy I am.

a day of many things

First, very many thanks to our veterans. I am grateful to you all. (I wanted to post a picture of the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg I visited many moons ago, but it hasn’t turned up yet.)

Second, my teeth are finally finished omg. The ordeal that started with a stupid chipped tooth nearly two months ago is finished, and with the exception of a cap and a couple implants that I’ll get when we win the lottery, I have functioning mandibles again. Also, I may actually smile in pictures henceforth. Woo? You betcha.

Last but not least, I got out of the dentist a little earlier than I expected to, and used the time to try again to make the gravy for Thanksgiving. You guys, I think I’ve done it this time. It’s still simmering away, and will do for another half hour or so, but by dint of standing over the stove for a good three times longer than the recipe would lead one to believe, I’ve achieved something that does not remotely smell of carrots. I am quite pleased.

The day’s not over yet, though. Still to come: prepping to try out my new paint sprayer tomorrow night, plus making a start on clearing out the garage, and doing some more work in the office. I shall be one very happy girl when bedtime finally rolls around.


My day started at dawn with a glimpse of a very pretty car (in a kind of unfortunate color):

lamborghini gallardo
Lamborghini Gallardo, mmmm

The other day I spotted one of these:

the new Z4
the new Z4

which made me very happy indeed, as I’m not much into ragtops, as the previous Z4s were. It also immediately made me think of these:

Jaguar E-type
Jaguar E-type

which are probably the prettiest Jaguars ever.

And it made me think that, while I may never drive any of those cars, someone was kind enough to buy one and drive it near me, so I could have something to smile about.

inauspicious start

So I finally managed to remember to stop on my way home from work and grab a couple pounds of unsalted butter (YAY WE HAVE PROPER BUTTER AGAIN), so I could make a start on my Thanksgiving menu with some freezeable non-turkey gravy.

Right from the start, things did not go well. My veg refused to brown, even though they generated huge amounts of fond on the bottom of my dutch oven; the flour refused to brown, too, and I spilled my mise en place of herbs, bay leaves and peppercorns twice, torching a couple bay leaves in the process. Just don’t ask.

Now it’s refusing to hold a simmer, and it’s taking roughly twice as long to reduce as the recipe says it should.

I have made this recipe in these exact proportions with these exact ingredients two or three times before; there’s simply no excuse for it being a weak, soupy, vegetal mess. I can only hope that further reduction saves the day.

Cross your fingers, won’t you?


I can’t focus today, can’t concentrate. Nothing is interesting enough to … hold my interest.

I hate days like this. They end up being a total waste. I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing, even though I’ve actually gotten a few things done. Not everything on my list, but some things.

Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Maybe it’s my mind or my body just enforcing a rest, a recharge, a regroup. Maybe some big burst of energy and enthusiasm will come from this apparent day of rest, and the rest of my week will be productive and fulfilling and awesome.

We can only hope. Because I’ve got too much to do to waste days like this.


It started with the office remodel (nearly complete, just organizing now) and continues with painting, screen repair, tidying, organizing and cleaning.

Gods, this sort of thing makes me happy.

We lived in apartments and the rented House of Awful for so long, hardly daring to put a hole in the wall for a picture, to say nothing of painting or beautifying. The spaces were white and boring and generic and stultifying. But now? Now the only thing holding us back is money.

We’re doing a lot of stuff on the cheap, and we’re putting off even more stuff (I shall gut the master bath someday and put in a huge steam shower, oh yes), but doing even little stuff for the house makes me unbelievably happy.

Next weekend, I’ll be de-beige-ifying the upstairs hall with my shiny new airless paint sprayer (which will then de-lime-green-ify the rest of the library, and, once we rent scaffolding, finish charcoal-grey-ifying the rest of the library & dining room), and I’m sure we’ll spend a few weekends tidying the garage, studio & master bedroom.

And really? I couldn’t be happier to do it. Man, I love having a house of our own.