I don’t know what it is about wearing a hard hat & standing around on concrete that just kills me, but it does, so here’s my one and hopefully only throwaway post of NaBloPoMo.

Back to your regularly-scheduled inanity tomorrow.

maybe I overthink things

I was looking over the writing prompts on Plinky, looking for ideas, and spotted one that said “Your house is on fire. Which keepsake items do you grab, and why?“, and I immediately went into this downward spiral into madness.

“ARGH, why is my house on fire? Is it because we charred the MDF of the desktops when cutting the holes to run the cords? It is, isn’t it? I knew I should have soaked that damn puck and then buried it in the yard. I wonder if our smoke detectors worked, or if I had to wait until I smelled smoke? I should really get more smoke detectors. And some carbon monoxide ones. I wonder how much it costs to retrofit fire sprinklers to a house? Do cats count as keepsakes? How the hell would I get five cats out of the house? Am I alone in the house? Could Loki grab some cats? If cats don’t count as keepsakes, I’d probably grab the external hard drive full of digital photos, except I’d burn to death waiting for the ‘Safely remove hardware’ thing to finish its thing. Is the album-frame full of wedding photos in the office closet? I’d probably grab that if I’d given up on the external drive, if I could find it in all the smoke, while trying to stuff cats in a sack. Oh, and then the stairs would be on fire & we’d have to go out a window & I’d break my neck jumping off the roof, thereby negating the need for keepsakes.”

I like to think I wouldn’t overthink & panic like that in a real fire, but … yeah. I probably would.

’tis the season

Ah, November: one big run-up to Thanksgiving.

I just looked at the spreadsheet I started a few weeks ago and it turns out I’m supposed to be making compound butters and dinner rolls this weekend, in preparation*. Oops? I’d completely forgotten, and I’ve done no shopping for this mixing-fest. I don’t even have unsalted butter in the house**.

Why am I not more excited about this? This is my holiday, guys — my big love-of-food fest — and I’m sixteen kinds of meh about it just now.

I’m going to go ahead & blame it on the ridiculously non-autumnal weather. It’s going to be 93°F today, which is just silly, and while I tend not to complain too much about the weather, the absurdity of it all merits a comment. How am I supposed to get excited about roasting things when it’s still roasting outside?

Later this week it’s supposed to start cooling down a bit. I’m hoping it brings back my Thanksgiving mojo, ’cause I’ve got a ton of stuff to do and three weeks to do it in.

* Yay for stuff I can do in advance and freeze!

math is hard, and dimensional lumber sucks

So we’re in the final stages of the office remodel, and I’m going to lose my mind, swear to gods.

See, our desktops will rest on 3 file cabinets: one lateral in the corner, and two vertical ones on each end. Which sounds awesome, except that the vertical ones are an inch and a half shorter than the lateral one, raising them up that last inch and a half is what will kill me, because no dimensional lumber comes in inch and a half widths, or is easily cut-able to that dimension. Oh, no. 2x4s are 1 3/4 x 3 1/2. 2x2s are really 1 3/4. And don’t say “you can rip a 2×4 in half down the middle!” because you lose 1/4″ to the sawblade.

Who thought this was a good idea, really? And why the hell aren’t we on the metric system, because in no sane universe should I have to calculate in 16ths of an inch.

I guess we could go with shims and glue and screws, but that just seems like ridiculous amount of work for something that you’d think would be easier.

If you need me, I’ll be gibbering in the corner.


So I haven’t posted here in … holy crap, five months … but what the hell, sure. I’ll try to pull of NaBloPoMo again. Are you doing it, too? You can totally be my friend.

In the last five months, I have :

  • Started making homemade ice cream, to glorious and hilarious effect;
  • Worked on, finished and turned in art for the new Reliquary CD, which should be coming out sometime in the next … oh, I don’t know, call it a year;
  • Recorded a Christmas song for an awesome compilation our German label is putting out, Black Snow Vol. 2. We’re in excellent company; the track listing is crazy good and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
  • Gone camping, which was excellent fun and I’m totally doing it again, if for no other reason than the dogs loved it like whoa;
  • Tweeted a lot;
  • Worked a lot, and probably complained about it too much on Twitter; and
  • Worked on the house / took Freya to dog training / watched some tv / watched Loki play video games / cooked food / read books / listened to music — not in that order.

We’re also thisclose to finishing an on-the-cheap remodel of our office; maybe having a shiny, pretty, tidy new space in which to write will motivate me to actually sit down and do it. Fingers crossed!