because someone’s going to ask

With the holidays approaching, someone is bound to ask if I want anything, so here’s your list, in order:

  • Something you made. I like handmade gifts. A lot. This is first on the list for a reason =)
  • A Home Depot or Ikea gift card. If we ever find a new house, it will likely need Stuff.
  • If you feel you absolutely must wrap something, I’ve got a wishlist.
  • Edited to add: Mick Mercer‘s just put up a ton of awesome gothy pics on ebay. I think you want some of these, too.

Things you should not buy me:

  • More mustard. Really, I’ve got plenty =)
  • More kitchen stuff, especially utensils or wooden spoons. My holders for these things overfloweth already.
  • Anything yellow, lime green or orange.

That should be enough to be going on with, I think. What do you want?