the dire state of our educational system

I’ve spent the last half-hour scouring elementary school websites looking for information. I suffered through dozens and dozens of hideous FrontPage monstrosities, far too much use of Comic Sans and one particularly egregious swirly-cutesie font, and what did I find?

Two — TWO — grade-school holiday musicals.

What the fuck, people?

What are we teaching our children, if it’s not to spend November in rehearsals, preparing to dress up like a godsdamned reindeer and sing some awful Christmas song? And deprive me and my friends of the hysterical potential of a small child in a manger?

I ask you!

I mean, I pay my taxes. Or I will, at some point. Y’know, when we buy a house. But that’s not the point! If my taxes aren’t going to some Christian or Jewish or Muslim or even nondenominational 3rd-grade holiday musical, well … they should be. So I can go watch. And laugh my ass off.

Bring on the spirit of the damn holidays. With six-year-olds singing off-key.

One thought on “the dire state of our educational system

  • 1 December 2007 at 11:52 pm

    It just so happens that a certain singer of a band (City of Death) is performing at her elementary school. They are putting on a production of the Nutcracker. Rather than dancing, they are expressing it with lyrics. So there will be singing and awkwardness abounding. It is on December 13th at 12:45 pm. So if you’re dying….you are welcome to attend.


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