I’m on a couple spamfighter lists, and this turned up in my inbox today:

We had a customer that had a trouble ticket opened on them for spam.
When they responded to the web-based trouble ticket, they said that they couldn’t have sent the spam as they can’t send email, because he is…

Which was pretty funny. And so was this response:

I know Amish don’t have electricity in their homes, but are allowed to have it in the barns. So I can only assume his barn stalls are set up as cow, cow, cow, cow, server farm, cow, cow, cow.

Amish server farm. Brilliant!

One thought on “amusement

  • 19 August 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Okay, now that tickled me. “Just leave the servers be, English. ‘Tis the Lords work. Now let’s go build another barn.”

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