awful weekend

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

  • Hanging out with Dot, Jared, Jill, D.M-F.P. et famille, and assorted be-costumed friends at the Faerie Festival.
  • Finding my favorite sunglasses in the truck Sunday morning, after having thought them lost and gone forever.
  • Getting paid to play the Faerie Festival. We seem to get paid for about one in three shows, so this was a nice novelty. Sadly, while that was a good thing for several hours, it ended badly.

Sadly, the good things were far outweighed by the bad.

  • The sound at our show. Holy crap, y’all. No bass for two songs, no guitars for quite a bit of the set, no drums whatsoever for the entire set. Either the audience thought that we were really lame, or that we’ve got excellent rhythm. (On the plus side, the songs in which there was no bass were the songs I screwed up badly, so everything’s relative.)
  • Losing my wallet at the club after. And it’s not just that I have to cancel all my cards, or that I have to hunt down all our auto-debited bills, order a new driver’s license, and try to remember what else was in there, but that it was the one time I had more than $6 in my wallet. So much for my part of the aforementioned performance fee.
  • The excruciating headache I’ve had since Sunday midafternoon. Nothing’s helping.

Oh, and I missed posting on Saturday, and there was brouhaha at the club. JOY.

However! I’m hoping that, having vented, things will start looking up soon.