was blind, but now I see

Joyous discovery last night while cleaning off the kitchen table: my old contacts, YAY! Today, I can see my monitors, my corneas are slowly stopping hurting, and as an added bonus, it turns out my vision insurance card wasn’t in my wallet after all, so I can find another doctor and get some proper lenses. Insert Dance of Happiness here.

In other news, I’ve officially blown NaBloPoMo. I spent Saturday & Sunday painting and cleaning and prepping for Thanksgiving, and yesterday evening cleaning some more, and have been so cranky from the contacts & the concomitant headache that I couldn’t face a moment at the computer. Also, I was wrecked. I always forget how much work painting is; I just can’t resist it!

(Needless to say, my attempt to take pictures and play my bass every day have also fallen by the wayside. Boo.)

And my mom’s coming in tonight, a day early for her Thanksgiving weekend chez Loki et Suriel. Very, very cool. Posts will probably be thin on the ground, still, but I’m occasionally Twittering.

One thought on “was blind, but now I see

  • 2 December 2008 at 3:27 pm

    I generally hate Wal Mart but I have had really good luck with the optometrists there and they always find me the best contacts. I went to Sears years ago and I did not care for them- I thought the guy was clueless and my glasses were always terrible and over priced. There is a reason they stick the Sears optometry clinic in the back of the store… it’s because they suck.

    Last year I went to a new doctor in town because of my insurance and the guy secretary or whatever he was who worked there didn’t call me back for weeks to finish my order. He finally got fired and the actual doctor was a huge know-it-all and pretty much wacky. So I went back to Wal Mart this year (last week actually)- different store and new doctor and here I am with great contacts again. Too they are a lot cheaper then elsewhere. Which is good because I like to replace mine a lot. You know like even if there is just a little blip on them- it drives me up the wall and I want a fresh lens hugging my eyeball. CAUSE IT’s LIKE MY EYEBALLS!!!! it freaks me out when someone incompetent works on my eyes or screws up my prescription…

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