baby steps

Today, I tied my own shoes, put my hair in its ponytail and fastened my bra all by myself!

It’s been 3 weeks and a bit since I broke my wrist and today I feel almost functional. It’s a long way from a couple weeks ago when I was reduced to tears of pain and frustration nearly every day.

I still get tired easily, and my wrist hurts more when I’m tired, but I am slowly getting back to full “yeah!” strength.

I’m even typing with both hands! Well, sometimes. That still hurts, too, if I try to do too much.

Soon I will be able to play my bass*, type all I want, open jars, pick up the puppy. And life will be good.

* Which will be good, because we were approached to play Whitby** this spring & couldn’t go, both because of my wrist & Kara’s impending boy-child. I don’t want to turn down any more cool shows than we have to :\
** The Last Dance are playing! And our labelmates, Razorblade Kisses! How awesome would that have been? REALLY FUCKING AWESOME, that’s how awesome.

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