I got better

You’ll be thrilled to know that we appear to have sorted out the money issues that were plaguing us last month — or we will do as soon as our Big Plan comes to fruition. It’s not an especially good Plan, but it’s a Plan and it’ll keep us afloat for a bit, along with some good old fiscal responsibility.

In even better news, I finally broke out the can of dark red paint I’d bought a year ago (the same dark red as the living room in the old House of Awful), mixed it with some of the charcoal gray left over from painting the library, and painted the living room. It came out more purple than I’d wanted, still needs another coat and was unbelievably exhausting, but 2 of the walls are no longer beige, and that’s the important thing.

I’m also excited out of all proportion to be planning to roll out some more insulation in the attic. How spastic is that? But Lowe’s has R30 for $10 a roll and we can definitely use the extra insulation up there. And you can’t argue with a 30% tax credit. Yay!

So, to sum up: yay for reasonable solvency, and yay for making our house more awesome.