I assure you, we have not lost our minds

Well, maybe a little.

See, Loki thought Fenris needed a doggie friend — someone to play with during the day, since daycamp was first to go when we re-budgeted to line up with our new financial reality. And we were thinking of adopting from the rescue that comes to our PetSmart, but they weren’t there on Saturday.

Then I thought, well, the rescue is awesome, but they probably keep dogs until they’re adopted out, whereas the puppy prison … doesn’t. If we rescued a dog from the pound, we’d be actually saving an actual life. So we went.

And oh, gods, was that a hard, hard thing. So many sad dogs. So many dogs that were shaking with fear. So many dogs that you know won’t be adopted, and will die. I cried the entire time we were there.

Choosing was painful. There was a Husky with ice-blue eyes; a German Shorthaired Pointer mix like the dog I grew up with, so bouncy and happy; an American Foxhound mix, all gangly legs and wagging tail; and this wee German Shepherd mix, calm and perky-eared and wagging her little nub of a tail.

We went back and forth, and dithered, and went back to look at this one or that one. A nice-looking couple were playing with the Pointer through the cage bars, and I tried to encourage them. “Pointers are great. This dog would be awesome for you!” They tried not to make eye contact with me; I’m sure they thought I was nuts.

Finally, we decided to meet the Shepherd, so they brought her out and we took her to the big, enclosed pens they’ve set up so you can get acquainted. And she was awesome! Alternately spazzy and content to just lie on your feet.

So we filled in some paperwork and handed over some money and arranged to pick her up yesterday after her spay surgery. Loki drove her home, and she made it the nearly whole way home before yacking on his seats.

Now she’s installed in the house, and she’s got to be sort-of quarantined for a week or so, so we got her a big crate to hang out in. She doesn’t seem to mind, much, although she likes the outdoors better. But it’s just until her surgery wound heals, and then she and Fenris can start down the path to BFF-hood.

We still need a name for her. We’re considering Spike (Adora Belle or Speigel, doesn’t matter), or Freya/Freyja, or Sabine, but nothing’s stuck yet.

And now I think we’re done adopting new animals for a good long while, because oh, man, are the first few days rough, and I’m not going through that again anytime soon.

But I’m glad we’ve adopted this one!