we shall not flag or fail

I can’t escape the Thanksgiving battle plans checklists … this is the biggest Thanksgiving we’ve ever had & I’d be lost without my lists.

  • Recipes: Printed.
  • Schedule: Triple-checked.
  • Turkeys: Defrosting.
  • Prep: About 75% complete..
  • Cleaning: Nearly there.
  • Mind: More or less intact, yay.
  • Body: Still not completely destroyed, hurrah!

I’ve got tomorrow off work, and I’m hoping I can knock out the last of the prep, and get a good night’s sleep, so I can be ready to kick ass on Thursday.

Oh, and relax with our guests. That’d be nice, too.

I really have to stop thinking of this meal in terms of a battlefield that must be conquered. It’s just dinner, right? No beaches or landing grounds to fight on, just 40 pounds of turkey and enough sides to make the sideboard groan.

Onward to victory!