When last we left our heroes …

Thanksgiving: Was pretty damn cool. The food was superb (if I do say so myself), the company outstanding, and the wine flowing. I can highly recommend the Blanc de Noirs I found at Trader Joe’s. So delicious! (I went back & bought three more bottles, because apparently my fizzy-wine kick will never end. Also, at $10 a bottle, it’s far cheaper than the Moet & Chandon I was digging before. Win!)

As usual, though, a week’s worth of prep, cleaning and cooking left me wrecked, and I was in bed nursing my aching muscles at 9:30. I’ve got to figure out a way to do Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve half-killing myself in the name of food.

Dogs: They’re doing great. Freya’s fitting in quite well, although she doesn’t really get that Fenris doesn’t always want to play, nor that, alone among the cats, Carrot will play with her. Doesn’t stop her chasing them, although she’ll stop chasing if we bark at her.

House: Things are really coming together, finally. We’re cleaning and purging and organizing and getting things just as we want them. Sometimes I just stop and look around and am amazed that we’ve created this cozy place that I want to come home to. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, too, because others don’t have that. Fingers crossed that situation improves.

Everything Else: I’m feeling pretty good. Fairly sleep-deprived, and there’s something horrifically wrong with my back, but overall? Not so bad. It’s kinda nice, and I’m enjoying it.

So what’s new with you?