So I haven’t posted here in … holy crap, five months … but what the hell, sure. I’ll try to pull of NaBloPoMo again. Are you doing it, too? You can totally be my friend.

In the last five months, I have :

  • Started making homemade ice cream, to glorious and hilarious effect;
  • Worked on, finished and turned in art for the new Reliquary CD, which should be coming out sometime in the next … oh, I don’t know, call it a year;
  • Recorded a Christmas song for an awesome compilation our German label is putting out, Black Snow Vol. 2. We’re in excellent company; the track listing is crazy good and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
  • Gone camping, which was excellent fun and I’m totally doing it again, if for no other reason than the dogs loved it like whoa;
  • Tweeted a lot;
  • Worked a lot, and probably complained about it too much on Twitter; and
  • Worked on the house / took Freya to dog training / watched some tv / watched Loki play video games / cooked food / read books / listened to music — not in that order.

We’re also thisclose to finishing an on-the-cheap remodel of our office; maybe having a shiny, pretty, tidy new space in which to write will motivate me to actually sit down and do it. Fingers crossed!