maybe I overthink things

I was looking over the writing prompts on Plinky, looking for ideas, and spotted one that said “Your house is on fire. Which keepsake items do you grab, and why?“, and I immediately went into this downward spiral into madness.

“ARGH, why is my house on fire? Is it because we charred the MDF of the desktops when cutting the holes to run the cords? It is, isn’t it? I knew I should have soaked that damn puck and then buried it in the yard. I wonder if our smoke detectors worked, or if I had to wait until I smelled smoke? I should really get more smoke detectors. And some carbon monoxide ones. I wonder how much it costs to retrofit fire sprinklers to a house? Do cats count as keepsakes? How the hell would I get five cats out of the house? Am I alone in the house? Could Loki grab some cats? If cats don’t count as keepsakes, I’d probably grab the external hard drive full of digital photos, except I’d burn to death waiting for the ‘Safely remove hardware’ thing to finish its thing. Is the album-frame full of wedding photos in the office closet? I’d probably grab that if I’d given up on the external drive, if I could find it in all the smoke, while trying to stuff cats in a sack. Oh, and then the stairs would be on fire & we’d have to go out a window & I’d break my neck jumping off the roof, thereby negating the need for keepsakes.”

I like to think I wouldn’t overthink & panic like that in a real fire, but … yeah. I probably would.