It started with the office remodel (nearly complete, just organizing now) and continues with painting, screen repair, tidying, organizing and cleaning.

Gods, this sort of thing makes me happy.

We lived in apartments and the rented House of Awful for so long, hardly daring to put a hole in the wall for a picture, to say nothing of painting or beautifying. The spaces were white and boring and generic and stultifying. But now? Now the only thing holding us back is money.

We’re doing a lot of stuff on the cheap, and we’re putting off even more stuff (I shall gut the master bath someday and put in a huge steam shower, oh yes), but doing even little stuff for the house makes me unbelievably happy.

Next weekend, I’ll be de-beige-ifying the upstairs hall with my shiny new airless paint sprayer (which will then de-lime-green-ify the rest of the library, and, once we rent scaffolding, finish charcoal-grey-ifying the rest of the library & dining room), and I’m sure we’ll spend a few weekends tidying the garage, studio & master bedroom.

And really? I couldn’t be happier to do it. Man, I love having a house of our own.