inauspicious start

So I finally managed to remember to stop on my way home from work and grab a couple pounds of unsalted butter (YAY WE HAVE PROPER BUTTER AGAIN), so I could make a start on my Thanksgiving menu with some freezeable non-turkey gravy.

Right from the start, things did not go well. My veg refused to brown, even though they generated huge amounts of fond on the bottom of my dutch oven; the flour refused to brown, too, and I spilled my mise en place of herbs, bay leaves and peppercorns twice, torching a couple bay leaves in the process. Just don’t ask.

Now it’s refusing to hold a simmer, and it’s taking roughly twice as long to reduce as the recipe says it should.

I have made this recipe in these exact proportions with these exact ingredients two or three times before; there’s simply no excuse for it being a weak, soupy, vegetal mess. I can only hope that further reduction saves the day.

Cross your fingers, won’t you?

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