a day of many things

First, very many thanks to our veterans. I am grateful to you all. (I wanted to post a picture of the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg I visited many moons ago, but it hasn’t turned up yet.)

Second, my teeth are finally finished omg. The ordeal that started with a stupid chipped tooth nearly two months ago is finished, and with the exception of a cap and a couple implants that I’ll get when we win the lottery, I have functioning mandibles again. Also, I may actually smile in pictures henceforth. Woo? You betcha.

Last but not least, I got out of the dentist a little earlier than I expected to, and used the time to try again to make the gravy for Thanksgiving. You guys, I think I’ve done it this time. It’s still simmering away, and will do for another half hour or so, but by dint of standing over the stove for a good three times longer than the recipe would lead one to believe, I’ve achieved something that does not remotely smell of carrots. I am quite pleased.

The day’s not over yet, though. Still to come: prepping to try out my new paint sprayer tomorrow night, plus making a start on clearing out the garage, and doing some more work in the office. I shall be one very happy girl when bedtime finally rolls around.