snowball effect

Now that we’ve got our hands on the new CD (which will now release at the end of March, for real, we swear), I realize that I really want to display all our CDs on the wall. I’ve found some nice frames, and all that remains is to buy half a dozen or so and put them up.

But wait! I want to hang them on the wall outside the studio, and that wall is currently a hideous beige, as is the rest of the upstairs hall, and I really want to paint it all. We bought an airless sprayer so we could finish painting the 18-foot-high walls in the library and entry, and whatever else struck our fancy, but we haven’t actually used it yet.

I did buy the paint, however.

I guess what I really need to do is carve out some time and just fucking do it, but every damn weekend since about November has been filled with something, and the foreseeable future is no different.

And we also need to get some more photos taken, which means dread creation and installation, outfit selection, makeup, the whole nine yards. And we really need some proper videos, not just crappy live performance ones, which means all of the above, plus hours sitting in front of my computer futzing with video.

Just like possessions expanding to fit the available space, projects expand to fit the available time, plus more. ARGH.

One thought on “snowball effect

  • 3 February 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Hey lady,
    Jeremy had mentioned you guys need new photos..just let me know when and if you guys need stuffs :)

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