about splinters and suriel

Splinters has been around in one incarnation or another since late 1998, although the archives here only go back to October 1999, for various reasons. Recently splinters has re-absorbed my babble-mode and foodgirl blogs, but I haven’t been as prolific as I used to be.

Some random things about me :

  • I want to be a personal chef
  • I play bass for Reliquary and Paris Burning
  • I used to think I wanted to be a web developer, but I’m not very good at it
  • I currently do vaguely sys-admin-esque things
  • I frequently don’t like it
  • I am married
  • I am a dork
  • I have hair issues
  • I hate to clean my house
  • Conversely, I love the way my house looks when it’s clean
  • I love taking pictures, and wanted nothing more than to shoot for National Geographic when I grew up
  • I have too many cookbooks
  • I wish I wrote better lyrics
  • I have self-esteem issues
  • I am exceedingly sarcastic sometimes
  • I minored in English at university
  • I majored in French
  • Sometimes I have conversations in French in my head
  • I’m trying to learn how to ask “Where’s the toilet?” in as many languages as possible
  • I am a vegetarian, with a “fish rule”
  • I’ve travelled to every state in the continental United States, plus much of northern Mexico and quite a lot of Canada.
  • I’ve been to Europe, twice.
  • Both times I was working.
  • Which was not quite as sucky as it sounds
  • Although it meant I didn’t get a lot of sightseeing done
  • I grew up in Chicago
  • I’ve also lived in California, Louisiana and Arizona
  • Louisiana sucked, but the drinks were cheap
  • I love the Food Network
  • I loathe Emeril
  • I love Ina Garten, Alton Brown and Tony Bourdain
  • I have had the privilege of opening for some of my musical idols
  • I suffer badly from stage fright
  • I listened to metal when I was young and impressionable
  • I was accompanied by my mom to my first concert
  • I had to explain to her who Eddie was
  • I was born blonde
  • I love the smell of vanilla
  • I’ve tried to quit smoking about eighty-seven times
  • I love cars
  • I sometimes drive with my dad in rallies
  • I want a Mini Cooper
  • I love our cats
  • I hate writing bios

4 thoughts on “about

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  • 2 September 2008 at 1:07 am

    You sound terrific! :)
    Thank you for the very illustrative intro… it’s been a pleasure to have your entrecard ad on my blog.

  • 19 November 2008 at 9:42 pm

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  • 4 December 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Very cool to ‘meet’ you. I absolutely love the Food network as well! Ina and Tony are swell, but I gotta say I love Giada just a teeny bit more. ;D

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